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to filming, editing and distribution,
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Telling the story – your story – is fundamental to any great programme or piece of film. Whether that is a broadcast TV programme, a documentary, or a short piece of promotional video.

Whether your story is about a sporting event, an amazing adventure, a stunning piece of product innovation or simply a celebration of success, we get to know you and your story and bring it to life.  Important to us is using our expertise in film making to enhance the narrative in to a compelling and engaging film, without changing the essence of the tale to be told.

Story telling wizardry alone does not however make a film or programme.  In order for the story to be brought to life on screen by our editing ninjas, you need beautifully shot pictures which capture the tone and pace of the story.  We’re all over that!  We have some of the most highly sought after camera people in the business and there are no lengths they won’t go to in order to get “that” shot.  Not only that – they are a hugely likeable bunch and always put people they are filming at ease, often at times when they are physically exhausted or under immense challenge so smiling for the camera is not at the forefront of their minds!

In short, we will be with you from the very start to the very end, becoming and extension to your team and creating a piece of film that you will be proud of and that will work hard for you.

Live Streaming

To give your audience the opportunity to feel like they are right there, in the thick of the action as it happens is quite the gift.

With live events, sporting or otherwise, there are often family, colleagues, or purely fans of what you do, that want that “right here right now” experience.  Unlike a (beautifully edited ;o)) highlights documentary, the rawness of live and the anticipation of what comes next creates a very different type of experience and record of your story.

We have a wealth of experience in live streaming and broadcast across a diverse scale of production.  From one-man crew streaming to a host website or social platform to a full scale Live TV broadcast to major networks both in the UK and around the world.  Technology is paramount to delivering the right result for our clients and we are constantly keeping abreast of the latest innovations and developments to ensure that we provide a high quality, reliable and secure solution.  We may be small, but we really are perfectly formed to be able to deliver.

Supporting the stream itself, for smaller clients, we also have access to a network of broadcasters who can help promote and broadcast a live stream on your behalf.  Again, we look at this with our clients and seek to identify the most appropriate solution to meet their needs and objectives.


Thanks to many years of delivering high quality programmes to an extensive network of worldwide broadcast partners, our distribution proposition is something we are exceptionally proud of.

It is the icing on the cake for our own TV production clients, but also a service that we successfully provide for a number of other production companies who do not have access to the same level of distribution themselves, but appreciate the opportunity that this service offers their clients.

Experience speaks volumes in this area. The longevity of our relationships with the major networks we have links with, coupled with our knowledge of their quality expectations and requirements, enables us to work collaboratively with our distribution clients to deliver seamlessly in to the networks.

Once the programme is delivered, we are able to provide a TX report as an additional service*.  This can prove to be a valuable tool in demonstrating to clients how many times and in what geographic locations a programme has been aired.

*TX dates are not available from all broadcasters, but we constantly work with our network to expand this list.

View our 2019 Distribution List (PDF)

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